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BERLIN | SYDNEY (IDN) — The ‘Sustainable Development Observer’ (SDO) is an associated publication of IDN-InDepthNews, with a selection of articles from SDGsforAll.Net, a joint media project with the Soka Gakkai International. IDN is flagship agency of the non-profit International Press Syndicate. SDO will be a monthly e-magazine published towards the end of each month.(to the article

IDN-INPS Southeast Asia’s Second Sustainable Development Observer

SYDNEY | BANGKOK (IDN) — The second issue of Sustainable Development Observer—an e-monthly of IDN-InDepthNews in association with INPS Southeast Asia with news and views on sustainable development goals from the perspective of the two-thirds world (Global South)—has been published. The inaugural issue can be downloaded here. to the article)

Sustainable Development Observer Issue 3 Focuses on COP 26 and Climate Change

SYDNEY (IDN) — The November 2021 issue of Sustainable Development Observer focuses on Climate Change and the COP26 summit in Glasgow. We look at the debate on methane gas reduction from a farming mythology perspective. Indigenous people have called for a stop to ‘war on nature’ and we look at their perspective on climate change. to the article

Sustainable Development Observer Issue 4 Focuses on Global Health Crisis

SYDNEY (IDN) — This fourth issue of Sustainable Development Observer focuses on the global health crisis that has been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and pharmaceutical industry’s greed—at the cost of peoples’ health. While the world’s media has gone berserk about a new “Omicron” variant of the COVID virus, the World Trade Organisation has quietly postponed a ministerial conference that had as its main agenda item, an Indian and South African initiative supported by over 100 countries to waive patents on COVID vaccines and other medical testing systems and equipment. to the article

Achieving SDGs by 2030 in Peril

SYDNEY (IDN) — After two issues focusing mainly on the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on the achievement of SDGs, this month we wanted to shift the focus, but it was not as easy as reflected in the articles published here. to the article

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