Institutional HighlightsReporting From Global Media Forum 2018

Reporting From Global Media Forum 2018

INPS Southeast Asia Director Kalinga Seneviratne joined INPS-IDN DG and Chief Editor Ramesh Jaura at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (GMF 2018) from June 11-13, 2018 in Bonn to report from this event and network with media and international organisations as well as partners such as Pressenza.

GMF 2018 focussed on: Global Inequalities. Inequalities are all around us — some all-too visible, and many obscure and insidious. From institutionalized racism to income inequality, the digital divide and unequal power relations – inequality is deeply ingrained and deeply confusing. Are media up to understanding the dimensions and effects of inequality? How can technology really be a galvanizer and equalizer? What is the potential of technology to provide equal access to knowledge and power? 

Here links to two reports we carried by IDN:
Experts Debate Digital Media’s Role in Tackling Global Inequalities
Global Inequalities’ was the theme of this year’s Global Media Forum (GMF) hosted by the German public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and much discussion focused on whether the digital media tools are a panacea or a hindrance to achieving a more equitable world.

Karzai Blames U.S., Pakistan For Afghanistan Chaos
Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has blamed the United States and Pakistan for the chaos created in his country over the past two decades. He firmly believes that the West, including Germany, should admit to their failures in his war-torn country. He followed up on this argument, initially advanced in a keynote address to the Global Media Forum on June 12, 2018, in a panel discussion and an interview with Forum host, the German public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW).







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